Please input the credit card outstanding balance and the interest rate applicable to the credit card account to calculate:

(i) the period of time and total cost (including principal and finance charge) involved to pay off an outstanding balance if only the minimum payment is made every month; or
(ii)the monthly fixed payment amount required and total cost (including principal and finance charge) involved to pay off the outstanding balance in 36 months

% p.a.
Please refer to the finance charge rate on your credit card statement
  • Minimum Payment Amount equals to the sum of all interest and fees and charges, plus 1% of outstanding principal, plus the amount exceeds the credit limit (if any) and the overdue amount (if any), subject to a minimum charge of HK$100. Please refer to the "Fee & Charge Schedule" for the interest rates and charges.
  • The calculation methods are based on assumptions that there are no new transaction, no annual membership fee and other fees and charges (except interest charges), and Repayments are made on or before payment due date.
  • The calculation results are based on the information entered by the customer and are for reference only.
  • Generally speaking, you may save the outstanding interest expenses by making early repayment of credit card outstanding balance. Nevertheless, you should consider the early repayment charges involved before deciding whether to pay off the repayment early or not. If you choose to pay off the repayment early, the loss may outweigh the gain as the amount of interest saved may not be enough to cover the relevant charges for early repayment. If you consider to make the early repayment, you should first check with the Bank about the total amount involved in early repayment (including credit card outstanding balance, early repayment charges and other fees, etc.) and the amount of outstanding interest. You should then compare different scenarios and consider carefully before making a decision of repaying early or not.

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