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"One-to-many" Octopus Automatic Add-Value Services

OCBC Wing Hang Credit Card "One-to-Many" Octopus Automatic Add-Value Service is delighted to bring you extra convenience!

Simple and Convenient

"Octopus Automatic Add-Value Service" of OCBC Wing Hang Credit Card is a completely free and convenient service offered to our valued cardholders. With this service, there is no need for you and your family members to visit the add-value machine or sales counter anymore.

Fully Automatic

When the value stored in the Octopus Card or product reaches zero or becomes negative, OCBC Wing Hang Credit Card will add HK$250 / HK$500 to the Octopus Card or product automatically.

Interest-free Repayment Period and Enjoyment of "Cash Rebate"

All add-value transactions will be listed out clearly in the monthly statement for your easy reference. It is so easy for you to enjoy up to 54 days of interest-free repayment period and to earn "0.5% Cash Rebate" for the value added to your Octopus Card or product.

Easy Application Procedure

You can apply for the Personalised Octopus Card and the Octopus Automatic Add-Value Service by simply downloading the application form and returning it to us by mail. Act now!
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