ATM Card Services

With OCBC Bank ATM Card, you can withdraw cash, transfer fund, enquire account balance and change Personal Identification Number (PIN) at any ATM with the JETCO / China UnionPay* logo in Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China. You can also

  • Withdraw cash at any ATM with PLUS logo / China UnionPay logo* all over the world 1
  • Pay for bills without prior registration at any ATM display JET Payment logo
  • Transfer funds to account in other JETCO member banks at any ATM display INTERBANK TRANSFER logo without prior registration
  • Purchase through point-of-sale terminals with China UnionPay logo*
  • Enjoy electronic payment service of EPS and PPS

In addition to the above-mentioned ATM services, customers can also choose to apply for the comparatively more simple and easy-to-use "Fast Cash" ATM Service which provides convenient cash withdrawal service and PIN change function with Chinese display.

For more security information about ATM Card Services, please refer to our Security Tips.

* Applicable to China Unionpay Cards Only.

Ways to Apply

OCBC Bank branch
Visit any of our branches
Call our hotline
3199 9188


  1. To comply with the latest regulatory requirement of The Hong Kong Monetary Authority to strengthen the security controls for ATM services, with effect from 1 March 2013, the overseas ATM cash withdrawal (including cash advances) service of all ATM cards and credit cards will be pre-set as “deactivated”. Customers are required to activate Overseas ATM Cash Withdrawal Service for their ATM cards and credit cards before using overseas ATM to withdraw cash (including cash advances). No activation is required for cash withdrawal via JETCO ATMs in Macau and China.